Are Automatic Pool Covers Safe and Reliable?

Automatic pool covers are a great way to protect your investment and keep your loved ones and pets safe. With the push of a button, you can open or close the automatic safety cover, giving you peace of mind. It's important to understand that these covers are not winter covers, so it's important to remove melted snow and rain from the cover. The Infinity 4000 is packed with innovative features that differentiate it from other automatic safety covers, such as an electronic torque limiter that can fail in the harsh pool environment.

If you're building a pool in your backyard or already have an in-ground pool, you can add a system to your existing platform if your pool meets installation standards. A technician will come to measure and order the cover, and then your local dealer will show you how to properly operate and care for your electric cover. The cover is intricate and involves a recessed track that is installed between the tile and the coping, a cover box attached at the deep end of the pool, and a cover motor. At one end of the pool, there will be an elegant “roller” where the pool cover material is rolled up and stored when not in use.

When a customer calls and says their pool is getting too hot, we recommend that they leave the deck open to try to cool it down. In the Midwest, 8 inches of snow in a day isn't out of the ordinary at all. Although automatic pool covers can support thousands of pounds of weight, it is important to understand that technically these covers are not winter covers. That said, it still takes inches and inches to damage a deck that is in good condition. Automatic pool covers work well to keep children and even adults out of the pool if you don't want to have them in the pool.

They are safe, reliable and easy to use - offering incredible peace of mind for homeowners who want to avoid accidents or keep their loved ones and pets out of harm's way.