Automatic Pool Covers in Cape Town: Benefits, Cost and Safety

Are you looking for an automatic pool cover in Cape Town? Automatic pool covers are a great way to keep your pool clean, safe and energy efficient. They provide peace of mind when children are present by being able to support the weight of a child, thus avoiding possible accidents. In this article, we will discuss the benefits, cost and safety of automatic pool covers in Cape Town. All design solid safety covers, economical and aesthetically pleasing, automatic vinyl safety covers · PoolDeck Slatted Automatic are designed to fit any shape of pool.

However, they must be serviced annually, otherwise parts may break in as little as three years. Keep this in mind when choosing an automatic pool cover. Pool covers work exactly as you imagine. By covering the surface of the pool, they prevent debris and water from entering.

This reduces the additional cost of cleaning and chemicals. But they also prevent heat from escaping, which means cheaper energy bills. Not all pool covers offer safety benefits. However, the ones that do, provide a firm or floating surface that prevents anyone from falling, whether they are pets, dogs or even adults. Fully automatic pool covers have tons of perks that you'll love if you buy one for your pool, but we also have to go over some of the downsides.

That way you'll have a complete understanding of what you're getting for your money, since automatic pool covers aren't exactly a cheap investment. Here are some of the most important advantages of automatic pool covers. The most obvious advantage of automatic pool covers is that, once you install them, they do 90% of the work themselves. You don't have to go out and drag the pool cover through its handle before securing it in place. The automatic pool cover simply slides in and out of place, allowing for a hassle-free process that works perfectly every time.

You never have to worry about it getting stuck or coming loose. Because automatic pool covers cover pools better than their manual counterparts, it is more difficult for dirt and debris to enter the pool. This makes the pool generally easier to clean when it inevitably needs to be cleaned. Therefore, the automatic pool cover saves you time and resources in this regard. Not all counties or cities allow automatic pool covers to replace fences, but some do, so you should see which case applies to your place of residence. Automatic pool covers are fantastic even if you still need a fence, but potentially not having to have a fence is a very attractive reason to buy an automatic pool cover. For those who are a fan of getting into the hottest pool water, automatic pool covers are great because they do a better job of heating a pool than regular pool covers and solar pool covers.

In areas that are very hot at certain times of the year, the pool may get too hot. However, automatic pool covers won't heat your pool to unbearable levels outside of those cases. The cost of an automatic pool cover is far from cheap. Outside sliding terrace covers, automatic pool covers are the most expensive pool covers in a significantly large amount. Usually the average winter pool cover can cost between R2000.00 and R4500.00 and a solar pool cover can cost between R12500.00 and R18000.00.

We recommend that you have your pool serviced once a year before the summer season starts. However, you should at least have your pool serviced every two years, and even more so if it is an automatic pool cover. Automatic pool covers contain more moving parts and therefore have a higher risk of damage. By ensuring that your pool cover gets regular maintenance, you can save costs in the long run.

Pool covers and safety nets also serve as additional protection and warning devices that a pool should not be accessed. The cover is rolled up on a shaft that is housed in a roll-up station placed on the ground at one end of the pool. And we have the pool covers for you if you're looking for a pool cover in Cape Town, whether you're on the Cape Peninsula or in the southern suburbs. In conclusion, automatic pool covers provide many benefits such as safety for children and pets; less water maintenance; reduced water and heat loss; temperature control; child-proofing; and eco-friendliness by reducing carbon footprints.