Should You Leave a Pool Cover On All the Time?

You can leave the pool cover on when you're not swimming. During the day, the longer you keep the pool cover on, the more efficiently you heat the pool. However, it is not recommended to leave it on all the time. Removing your pool cover on a humid, sunny day can help heat the pool, which in turn reduces running costs.

On windy days, consider using a clear or bubble cover to prevent water evaporation. This will also maintain the chemical concentration of the pool. The mesh pool cover has a design that acts as a screen that filters out large debris and allows light and rainwater to pass through. By removing the cover during the day, the sun will help warm the water, allowing the entire pool to warm up.

There are several reasons why you should cover your pool overnight. When it falls into the pool, the risk of debris entering and creating an algae bloom increases. Although pool covers are great at retaining heat when the temperature drops, it doesn't make much sense to use them during hot weather. Therefore, using a pool cover during winter will extend the life of your entire pool, including its equipment.

It is best to keep your pool cover off until rain has passed as storms can lift it up. If you plan to take a trip that may take you more than a day without leaving anyone to take care of your pool, leaving a pool cover on during day and night can protect it and keep it clean. If you like to swim every day, especially at night, leaving the pool cover on may not be an ideal choice for you. Always cover your pool at night as doing so will retain heat and prevent debris from falling into the water.