How can i make sure that my swimming pool is properly maintained over time?

Careful pool care will ensure clean and safe water throughout the swimming season. Check the filter and backwash as needed. Test the pool water and add chemicals. The first step in keeping your pool clean and clear is to ensure that the water circulates properly.

Regular maintenance of your pool wouldn't be complete without a sufficient amount of foam and scrubbing. Skimming is one of the most common and regularly performed types of maintenance for your pool. Skimming simply refers to removing leaves and other types of debris from the pool surface. You'll probably have to do it every day to keep your pool looking good.

Cleaning will not have to be done as often, but should be done at least every two weeks. Remember to scrub the sides of the pool with a scrubbing brush to ensure that the liner looks good. Watch out for algae growth and use the scrub brush to make sure they don't build up. Scrubbing walls with a pool brush prevents algae, stains and scales from forming, especially around “dead areas” such as steps, stairs, crevices and under the skimmer.

All of this can be an intimidating part of pool maintenance for beginners, so some homeowners prefer to let a pool maintenance service handle this task for them. In addition to the pool filter, you'll also want to check the other collection baskets and pots that your pool has. To prepare your pool for winter, be sure to use a water analysis kit to ensure that the chemicals are balanced before closing the pool year-round. Or homeowners can avoid the weekly hassle of having to take out a pool vacuum entirely by using one of the best pool cleaning services.

And if responsibilities ever seem overwhelming, a pool service professional can take care of your pool for you. In fact, the tennis ball will absorb any oil that reaches the pool water. In addition, pool service companies will need to repair or replace broken pumps or filters to get the pool working again. While it's easier than learning how to build a pool from scratch, keeping a pool clean and uncluttered requires more than just throwing some chemicals into the pool from time to time.

The next step in the trifecta of pool maintenance is cleaning, which consists of brushing it, removing debris from the top and vacuuming it. To properly maintain the water chemistry in your pool, place chlorine tablets in a floating chlorine feeder and, once a week, add 3 pounds of water to the pool at night. If the pool was installed by one of the best pool installation companies, maintenance services can be included. In addition to keeping the pool chemistry balanced, it's also a good idea to apply an electric shock to the pool once or twice a week.

Vacuuming the pool is another essential part of eliminating waste that can reduce circulation and damage the pool.