How Long Does a Solid Pool Cover Last?

Solid vinyl pool covers are known to last between 7 to 11 years, making them a great choice for keeping pool water clean and reducing maintenance in the spring. However, they are more expensive than mesh covers and require a pump. Mesh covers for in-ground pools can last up to 15 years with proper care, giving them a slight edge over vinyl covers. A submersible pump is not necessary with mesh covers, as rainwater can easily penetrate the material.

To determine if you need to buy a new pool cover for the upcoming swimming season, it is important to inspect the cover regularly, paying attention to its material. For instance, a vinyl pool cover exposed to maximum sunlight may only last one year, while an automatic pool cover may remain viable for 3 to 7 years. By examining the fabric, looking for any possible breakages, and ensuring the straps are in good condition, you can make an informed decision. A solid safety cover with a drain will reduce the amount of water that accumulates on the cover.

Comparing the cost differences between solid and mesh winter pool covers is easy. When the swimming season ends, it's time to decide which type of cover is best for your pool. Vinyl pool covers typically last between one and three years before needing replacement, while tougher materials can last between seven and 11 seasons. A solid safety cover allows you to start swimming sooner once you open the pool for the season.

The life expectancy of the pool cover depends on 3 main factors: quality, type of material, and level of exposure to the sun. Installing a solid winter cover can be difficult due to the hardware that must be drilled and inserted into the platform to keep it in place. These covers are almost airtight and prevent dirt, water, debris, and sunlight from entering the pool. If your pool is surrounded by trees, a leaf net makes it easy to clean leaves and debris from the cover.

If your pool cover has holes or requires frequent repairs, it's time to look for a replacement. For added safety, consider installing alarms that go off when unattended children or pets set foot on the deck. Solid pool covers usually require at least two people to install and remove due to their weight and size. The biggest advantage of a solid deck is that nothing can pass through the cover into the pool - not even water.