How Much Does a Pool Cover Cost?

When it comes to protecting your pool, a pool cover is one of the best investments you can make. Not only does it keep debris and water out, but it also helps to heat the water and can last up to 10 years. There are two main types of pool covers: manual and automatic. Manual covers are usually cheaper, but require more effort to install and maintain.

Automatic covers are more expensive, but they are easier to use and require less maintenance. The cost of a pool cover depends on several factors, including the type of cover, size, shape, material, and manufacturer. Manual covers often use a track system that eliminates the need for anchors, sandbags, and straps. Automatic covers are more expensive due to their complex design and multiple moving parts.

Custom safety covers for pools with irregular shapes or multi-level elements such as waterfalls, spas, or stone border walls will also cost more. Solar pool covers may also increase in price depending on thickness, size, shape, and manufacturer. A safety cover may seem like a major investment, but it is a solid investment in the safety and longevity of your pool. It can also function as a terrace when the pool is covered (and even when it is open depending on the design).

Along with fabric, material, and color options, there are also several track options that can influence the prices of retractable pool covers. To protect your pool cover during periods of non-use, store it in a sealed container with water and algaecide. Pool covers are vulnerable to damage from rodents, insects, and algae when not in use. A high-quality pool cover is one of the best ways to protect and extend the life of your pool. When planning your new pool, consider investing in a quality cover that will last for years.