How Much Water Should Be On Top of a Pool Cover?

The best way to keep your winter pool cover in good condition is to keep two inches of water on top and make sure it is free of leaves and other debris. Monitor the water level inside the pool regularly, as the weight of the water on the cover can cause it to stretch, leading to thin spots, holes, and tears. The pool water level should be kept at or just below the skimmer when the cover is in use, but not lower than 18 inches from the top of the pool. If there is a lot of precipitation during the winter months, it is possible that the pool will fill up, not allowing water from the cover to drain into the pool.

Check the water level periodically and add or remove water with a garden hose or pool cover pump when necessary. Adding one to three inches of water on top of the cover will help protect it from wind damage. However, if too much water accumulates on top, it may sink into the pool water. Keep a pool cover pump handy to remove excess water. When you first cover the pool, make sure it is stretched and taut.

Over time, stretching will occur due to rainwater and snow accumulation. The cover should always touch the surface of the water, but too much water can cause damage to both deck and pool. We recommend dual chamber water pipes instead of a single chamber for both in-ground and above ground pools. Be sure to replace any broken pipes during winter. Mesh covers can be used to allow rainwater to drain into the pool while preventing larger debris from entering.

If you have children or pets, it is best to use a safety cover over the pool when not in use. Air pillows with winter covers are used to prevent a solid layer of ice from forming on the surface of the pool water. The weight of one to three inches of water on top can protect it from gusts of wind that can cause it to flap and break or even pull it out of the pool. An automatic pool cover pump is recommended for easy removal of unwanted water. Securely secure the winter cover cable with a key (included with all above ground winter pool covers). Covers for above and below ground pools must be three feet wide so that they can be properly anchored.