How to Manage Water on Top of a Pool Cover

Ideally, two inches of water is the recommended amount to be on top of the deck, as it helps keep the cover in place when it is windy. However, having too much water on top of the deck can cause serious damage to the pool structure and water quality. The pool water level should be kept at or just below the skimmer when the cover is in use, but not lower than 18 inches from the top of the pool. If there is a lot of precipitation during winter months, the pool may become waterlogged and not allow water from the cover to drain into the pool.

It is important to check the water level periodically and add or remove water when necessary with a garden hose or cover pump. Adding one to three inches of water on top of the deck will help protect it from wind damage. However, if it rains and too much water falls on top, the cover may sink into the pool water. It is important to keep a pool cover pump handy to remove excess water. When you first cover the pool, it should be stretched and tensioned.

Over time, stretching will occur due to rainwater and snow accumulation on top. The cover is designed to touch the surface of the water, so your pool should always be full when it is covered. To protect your deck and pool, hire a professional tree specialist to remove any protruding tree branches that may fall into your pool. You can buy mesh covers that allow rainwater to drain into the pool, but prevent larger debris from entering. The tubes not only hold the cover in place but also prevent wind from blowing it away. While there is no danger that the pool will collapse if something happens to the deck, it is advisable to take some steps to help the deck do its work during winter season.

Place air pillows in the center of the pool with the cover pressed over them. We recommend dual chamber water pipes instead of a single chamber when attaching winter covers for both in-ground and above ground pools. Whenever temperatures allow, place a submersible pump on the pool cover over something solid such as a flying disc to prevent water from sucking through and remove excess water. Do not try to tighten the cover straps too tight in order to get all water from the cover to drain into mesh panels.