How to Protect Your Pool Cover from Water Damage

Pool covers are essential for keeping your pool safe and clean, but they can be easily damaged by water buildup. Allowing water to collect on the top of the deck can cause damage to both the deck and the pool, depending on the type of each. This is because pool covers are not made to support the weight of water (or anything else) on them. To protect your pool cover from water damage, you should use a pool cover pump to remove any excess water that accumulates on the top.

Additionally, you should add one to three inches of water on the top cover to help protect it from wind damage. It is also important to keep an eye on the water level and use a protective track around the upper perimeter of the pool. If it rains and too much water falls on the top, the cover may sink into the pool water, so keep a pool cover pump handy to remove excess water. When walking on the deck to reach the panels, be sure not to wear shoes with spikes or heels, as this could puncture the cover. It is also important to never fight against the weight of the water, and keep the vinyl lock on wet covers when they are not in use in the pool.

To prevent rain and melted snow from weighing down the cover and causing it to sink, remove excess water (more than one to three inches you keep there to fight the wind) with a cover pump. Usually this pump will be on top of the cover and every time water is detected, it will activate and pump out any excess water. Pools are a big problem from a safety standpoint and much of that is during winter season when pools can be especially dangerous. These tips for covering above ground pools are affordable, simple and don't take much time, making them easy to neglect. With a locking cover on the pool there is a second closing track directly above the one that retains the liner.

However, as the name suggests, an automatic cover pump automatically turns on when it detects water in the lid and turns off when all of it has been removed. Check your pool cover periodically during winter and remove debris from its panels as it accumulates with a pool leaf net, vacuum bar or broom. You can also use a Spider winter cover protector which consists of five long elastic cords connected to a center that holds the cover (and an air pillow) in place. It is important to remember that too much weight from water can shorten your pool cover's life. To ensure your family's safety and maintain your coverage, make sure you use a pool cover pump regularly and keep an eye on your pool's water level.