Solid Pool Covers: The Ultimate Guide

Solid pool covers are a great option for homeowners looking for a simple but effective way to protect their pool and loved ones. Composed of solid sheets of reinforced vinyl, these covers are designed to block out sunlight completely, preventing algae growth in the water. Mesh covers are much lighter than solid covers, meaning they can often be installed by a single person. Robust pool safety covers keep everything out of the pool, and the solid material does not allow extra water to enter.

This means that your pool is very unlikely to develop an algae problem in the opening season. Solid covers usually last 7-11 years, a shorter lifespan than a mesh cover. They also help keep the water clean when not in use, reducing your dependence on chemicals and your pool filter. When it comes to choosing between mesh pool covers and solid vinyl equivalents, there are a few things to consider.

Mesh covers are much lighter and can often be installed by a single person, while solid covers usually require at least two people to install and remove. Solid covers also prevent dirty water from entering the pool, while mesh covers allow water to pass through. Latham's solid and mesh pool covers are backed by the industry's best warranties, so you can expect a high quality product that will last for many years to come. With their lightweight material, mesh covers can be put on and removed by a single person in most cases, unlike solid covers.

When both covers are installed correctly, they completely cover the upper surface of the pool, anchored at several points around the perimeter. The main advantage of a solid vinyl winter pool cover is the fact that it does not allow sunlight to pass through. This prevents algae growth in the water and helps keep the water clean when not in use. A solid safety cover with a drain will reduce the amount of water that accumulates on the cover, while mesh covers do not require a pump as the mesh material naturally allows water to pass through the surface. Objectively, it is easy to measure the cost differences between the two most common types of pool covers. For example, when the leaves fall on the pool cover during the winter and it rains, the leaves will make the rainwater very dirty.

A solid safety cover allows you to start swimming sooner once you open the pool for the season. The 26% solid mesh pool covers offered by Latham offer a number of customizable benefits and additional features. This is a good example of how much UV light enters your pool from one type of cover compared to the next. Ultimately, homeowners must decide which type of cover best suits their needs.