What kind of design options are available for my swimming pool?

They come in several varieties, with concrete, fiberglass and vinyl. Inground pools are permanent structures built directly into the landscape. They come in several varieties, the most common of which are concrete, fiberglass and vinyl coatings. Your contractor can work with you in choosing construction.

Materials are typically chosen for their strength and flexibility. All concrete, vinyl and fiberglass pools can incorporate infinite borders and perimeter overflows in their designs. There's a type of pool for every outdoor space, even for long, narrow side patios or patios right in the middle. From sleek, modern masterpieces to Mediterranean getaways, private water parks and natural pools, we've found pools of every size, style, design and type of pool you can imagine.

A modern house in Melbourne, Australia, has a beautiful pool built by DDB Design Development & Building with a landscape design by COS Designs Creative Outdoor Solutions. Custom-designed Bisazza blue tiles were used for the spa, while the white pool tiles reflect the sky and can change. White lights are installed in the pool to intensify the blue tiles. A fiberglass pool typically has the highest initial cost, but the lowest maintenance cost.

They're quick to install, but because they're built from a mold, the shape can't be customized (and they can't be more than 16 feet wide). The newest pool that breaks all geometric rules is none other than a freeform pool design. Backyard escapes with free-form pools align the pool landscape with everything outside. Maximize your swimming space with a natural-looking pool that is perfectly suited to existing features.

Free-form groups have no rules. Your imagination (and backyard space) are the only limit. While a billiard room or enclosure significantly increases the cost of a pool, they also guarantee perfect conditions for swimming all year round. Emerald Pools & Spas is proud to set the standard for high-end pool design and luxury backyard living.

Thanks to their luxurious design and year-round comfort, indoor pools are becoming increasingly popular among new pool buyers. Either way, it's a relatively small pool meant more for lounging than for swimming and may include some features of a hot tub, such as aerosols and lights. Elevated pools also minimize the risk of falling, since the entry point is far from the ground; however, children and people who cannot swim should not be near any pool without supervision. Pool Environments designed a curvilinear pool that includes a small extended wet terrace and a fountain with a stone waterfall.

Designed specifically for swimming, this type of inground pool is long, narrow and usually rectangular. Stone Farm, in Connecticut, uses curbs and reclaimed decorative pieces such as pool upholstery and outdoor elements to achieve a unique and unique look and feel. Swimming spas, a hybrid of pool and spa, have water jets that allow the user to swim against a constant flow of water. While spontaneity can be a good thing, building the much-desired pool shouldn't be left to chance.

The project, by Design Unity, allows unobstructed views of the pool and the patio, and from the pool to the house and its surroundings. Floor cleaning systems are installed flush with the bottom of the pool and are there to replace the “pool robot” and the suction hoses, which take up quality swimming space in the pool. Proving that not all pools are geometric, this curvilinear design from Absolutely Outdoors in Houston is a pool for cooling down, exercising and plunging into the bubbling spa at night, an ideal situation for all tastes. Not to be confused with a pond, a natural pool is a greener alternative than a typical chlorinated pool; it uses plants to filter water instead of chemicals.