What kind of lighting options are available for my swimming pool?

There are three main options when choosing the right lights for your pool: incandescent, halogen and LED. String lights are simple, quick to set up and are a type of pool deck lighting that adds a touch of casual charm to an outdoor area. With bulbs that vary in size, from small twinkling lights to large outdoor Edison bulbs, there are sure to be garlands of lights to suit all tastes. Whether hanging around the perimeter of the pool or hanging along a nearby fence, garlands of lights look good pretty much wherever you hang them, but that doesn't mean they can go anywhere.

Even if it looks like a string of lights above the pool, it can be dangerous, or even deadly, if a string of lights on falls into a pool with a swimmer. Hang garlands of lights neatly and securely near a pool (not directly above it) to avoid the risk of them ending up in the water. Add a touch of style to your pool with a practical underwater light that doesn't need to be hung or installed at all. This floating pool lamp available at The Home Depot is solar-powered and charges around the clock.

At night, it rotates through five different LED colors or can be set to a fixed white. Even if you forget to turn off the light, these outdoor pool lights turn off automatically after 2 or 5 hours, depending on whether they are in static or color-changing mode. Create long, dramatic shadows with upward-facing lights mounted directly on the terrace or floor. As surprising as it may seem, there are a few things to consider before installing recessed lights around a pool.

Unless you're an experienced electrician, it's best to leave this to professionals, who can connect outdoor pool lights to power and protect them from inevitable exposure to water and moisture. Bring moonlight to the pool even on moonless nights. Each balloon in this pack of four inflatable outdoor pool lights available on Amazon is printed to look like the moon and offers a cold or warm light, or you can alternate between the two. Hang these 14-inch moons from a pergola or nearby trees, or let them float freely on water-weighted bases to prevent them from tipping over.

Best of all, they are solar-powered and will shine for up to 8 hours at night on a full charge. Approximately 41 percent of swimming pools in the U.S. UU. They are raised pools and they also need to be illuminated.

Since elevated pools often lack deck space, their lighting options are a little more limited, but good solutions still exist. This Nitelighter underwater pool lamp, available at The Home Depot, is easily mounted on the sides of raised pools, without the need to drill or drain. It has a 12-volt power supply, a built-in transformer and a 28-foot long cable. The light keeps swimmers safer by emitting bright light for up to 2 hours straight, after which it turns off automatically.

Guests of all ages will find it hard not to smile when they see a flock of 19-inch inflatable flamingos illuminating a pool. These outdoor pool lights attract your inner child and create the party atmosphere with their bright pink sunlight. Keep your pool deck lighting stylish with minimalist path lights spaced 6 to 8 feet apart. Sophisticated, timeless and practical, pool perimeter lights offer enough lighting to see without being too bright.

You can use flood lighting for just about anything, even around your pool. LED flood lighting may be the right choice for your pool area, as it will illuminate large areas. LED is also much more energy efficient than halogen. Halogen flood lighting has many of the same benefits as LED lighting.

It's also easy to install and affordable. However, you'll find that it's even more affordable from the start than LED lighting, although it may not have as many long-term benefits. Compared to LED flood lighting, halogen flood lighting doesn't last as long. You'll also need to change the bulb regularly, which isn't necessary with LED lighting.

In our opinion, low-voltage LED lights are the best because they provide high-quality professional landscape lighting. They're also easier and safer to install on your own if you have basic knowledge about configuring lighting hardware. You can find pool lighting in all the colors of the rainbow, with fun, pre-programmed “light shows”. However, these nine popular types of pool lights are some of the most commonly used, so learning a little more about them will help you make the right choices for lighting your pool.

Halogen pool lights are brighter than LEDs and also cost less upfront than LEDs, which is good news if you want lots of light at an affordable price. Another goal is to illuminate the pool and its surroundings so that they look beautiful from inside your home. Unlike their LED and halogen counterparts, solar pool lights aren't meant to illuminate the entire pool, but they're a great option if you're just looking for something extra. Today's pool lights are available with a variety of fun and practical functions, from smartphone integration to dimmers and more.

On this page, we'll guide you through some key decisions and considerations, and we'll also take an in-depth look at some of the most popular pool lighting options available today. Pools can conjure up images of fun in the sun, but they aren't used exclusively during the day. As you can see, there are at least nine different types of lighting you can choose from to illuminate your pool and its surroundings. Your local pool professional can work with you to determine exactly how many lights you need to make your pool lighting dream a reality.

If you're looking for the brightest for your pool lighting, halogen pool lights may be just what you need. This is because the power supply and even the light bulbs are located outside the water and far from the pool, in a dry energy box. .