How Long Will an Automatic Pool Cover Last?

MosAutomatic pool safety covers last an average of 4 to 6 years if you maintain them correctly. That way, you can always order a replacement swimming pool covers if you notice problems within weeks of purchase. That's why you, or a trusted pool maintenance professional, should thoroughly examine your swimming pool covers, paying attention to its material. For example, a vinyl swimming pool cover with maximum sun exposure may last only one year, while an automatic pool cover may remain viable for 3 to 7 years. By constantly checking the fabric, analyzing the cover for possible breakages, and making sure the straps remain healthy, you can better determine if you should buy a new swimming pool cover for the next swimming season. Automatic swimming pool covers use some of the most durable parts that are available in their construction. This makes it one of the most durable devices you can put in your pool. Many of your parts will last for more than 10 years or more and they also often come with outstanding warranties to back them up. Let's take a look at some of the parts of automatic swimming pool covers that wear out a lot and need to be replaced from time to time. Repair or replace? What starts as wear and tear or a small hole can quickly become a bigger problem. Continuing to repair holes in the cover instead of replacing it can compromise the integrity of the swimming pool cover and the safety of your family. Holes larger than 6 inches definitely need a skilled technician to take a look. Repair or replace? The ropes must last the entire life of an automatic swimming pool cover depending on the use and maintenance of the system. They can be replaced as long as the vinyl and strap are in good condition. Repair or replace? Tracks rarely need to be replaced. However, the sliders are a wear element and, if the sliders are worn, but the rest of the swimming pool cover is in good condition, they can most likely be replaced by experienced swimming pool builders to extend the functionality of the swimming pool cover system. Repair or replace? Chances are your local automatic swimming pool cover service company will be able to repair or replace the motor or controller. The lifespan of a swimming pool cover varies greatly depending on the brand of cover you purchase. The cheapest covers can last only one season. Expensive brand swimming pool covers can last from 3 to 7 years. Chemicals, which makes the pool look good and is properly disinfected, so it is safe to swim in it, if it does not fit properly, it can be very harmful to the fabric of the swimming pool cover and shorten its service life. Keeping a good water balance and low chlorine levels is the best thing you can do to protect an automatic swimming pool cover. It's when the retailer or supplier agrees to replace the swimming pool cover if there is a problem or if the swimming pool cover doesn't last. Although swimming pool covers manufacturers usually add special chemicals (UV stabilizers) to extend the life of a swimming pool cover and prevent this from happening. Sorry, I wish I had a magic solution, but unless the swimming pool cover is inside, leaves and rainwater will add their own markings and colors to an automatic swimming pool cover. The fabric of the automatic swimming pool cover itself is another part of the swimming pool cover that is vulnerable to wear and tear or the need to replace it from time to time. On a weekly basis, automatic swimming pool covers must be opened for several hours to allow chlorine by-products to dissipate through the emission of gases on the pool surface. By following these tips mentioned above, you and your swimming pool builders can easily determine when it's time to update your swimming pool covers in order to keep your swimming area safe. In addition, swimming pool covers help maintain preferred temperatures during cold nights so that you can jump into your swimming area on hot days without any worries. If your swimming area is not a true rectangle shape, then you will have rails that will be mounted on top of your decking area.