How to Place a Solar Pool Cover for Optimal Efficiency

Installing a solar pool cover is a relatively simple job, but it's important to take your time and do it right. The cover should be cut 3 to 5 cm above the edge of the pool and above the tiles, being careful that it is below the edge of the pool. It's best to leave 2″-3″ around the edge of the pool wall so that it stays bent up on the edge. This will fit snugly to the solar cover on the pool surface.

When half of the cover is cut, use a pool brush to push the cut sides up against the edge of the pool and smooth out any air bubbles underneath. To ensure optimal efficiency, make sure that the cover completely covers the surface of the water with no gaps for heat to escape. The best solar pool covers are made of a one-piece extruded material, rather than a laminated top and bottom, and will be thicker with longer warranty periods. To protect your deck and pool, hire a professional tree specialist to remove any protruding tree branches that may fall into your pool.

It's also important to consider the pool water level during winter season to make sure you notice any water leaks. To prevent rain and melted snow from weighing down the cover and causing it to sink, remove excess water (more than one to three inches you keep there to fight the wind) with a cover pump. To ensure the durability of your pool's solar cover, you should never forget to cover it with a film that reflects the rays when not in use. Even more commonly, pool tarpaulins are used incorrectly, which causes the thin material of the tarpaulin to try to absorb the forces of the weight of the water in the cover.

Keep your pool heater safe from bugs by learning how to keep mice and rodents out of the pool heater to heat water when you need it. Solar blankets can lose around 10% in duration in their first few weeks; this is allowed on a new cover, so keep that in mind and don't cut too much thinking that it's too big. Allow at least two weeks for folds of the package to flatten and for the cover to settle before making your final cut.