Should You Leave a Pool Cover On During the Day?

When it comes to pool covers, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Generally speaking, it is beneficial to have a clear or bubble cover during the day, as this helps reduce evaporation and maintain the chemical concentration of the pool. On hot and humid days, however, it may be more beneficial to leave the cover off during the day. This can help heat the pool, which in turn reduces running costs.

On windy days, a clear or bubble cover should be used to prevent water evaporation and debris from entering the pool. Safety pool covers are also important for preventing children or animals from falling into the water and drowning. If you are not using your pool, it is best to keep the cover on. This will help prevent evaporation of water and chemicals in the hot sun and also insulate the water to retain heat.

However, if you are swimming every day, especially at night, leaving the pool cover on may not be an ideal choice for you. When using a solar pool cover during the day, the water will not only heat up but also stay warm. Solid safety covers are built to protect a pool from debris and rainwater, while mesh covers act as a screen that filters out large debris and allows light and rainwater to pass through. It is important to make sure that your pool cover is safe and provides tight coverage.

The longer you leave it on, the greater the risk of it coming loose and falling into the pool. This can increase the risk of debris entering the pool and creating an algae bloom. When half of the cover is cut, use a pool brush to push the cut sides up against the edge of the pool and to smooth out any air bubbles underneath. Thicker covers will last longer than thinner covers, but they don't necessarily retain more heat than thinner covers.