The Benefits of Covering Your Pool in Summer

When the sun and pool come together during the summer, it can cause the water in the pool to evaporate at a faster rate. This can be reduced by having customers in the water during the day, but an outdoor pool will still lose water during the night. An indoor pool conserves water by losing less due to evaporation, meaning you won't have to fill it as often. If you live in a drought zone, using less water is essential, and covering your pool at night can reduce evaporation.

In addition, the cover will trap accumulated moisture and return it to the pool naturally. This will result in a more consistent water level and potentially a lower water bill. Solar covers are the most economical option for summer use, as they are made from a cousin of bubble wrap packaging material and include UV inhibitors. They are lightweight and relatively easy to handle, making them ideal for above ground pools.

Solar covers can also prolong the swimming season by increasing the temperature of the water in a pool. They capture the heat of the sun and keep it in the top layer of the water, making it much cozier at the beginning and end of summer. There are several reasons why you should cover your pool every night, such as saving energy and conserving water by decreasing the amount of make-up water needed. It also reduces the consumption of chemicals and saves time on cleaning, as it keeps debris out of the pool.

By covering your pool at night and uncovering it during the day, you can save time by heating up the pool water. The only difference between a solar cover and regular packaging material is that it includes UV inhibitors and a thicker plastic grade. A chemical start-up kit for pool opening is also recommended to clean and prepare your pool for swimming season. It's understandable that you may be reluctant to use a pool cover on a regular basis if aesthetics are important to you, but covering your pool when not in use is still beneficial.

Warmer days in San Diego, especially in summer, can cause pool water to evaporate quickly, so using a pool cover at night is essential. Quartz solid covers for above ground pools have fewer seams than other covers, meaning less chance of separation. Covering your pool properly is an important part of preventing damage to your mechanical systems, keeping it clean and ensuring that your family can enjoy it for many years. A solar blanket is a blanket filled with thermal bubbles that is made to cover the entire pool, as well as to heat and insulate it. Comparative studies in several climates conclusively show that pool covers dramatically reduce costs. Overall, investing in a pool cover is one of the best ways to keep your pool clean, save money on energy costs, and reduce time spent ensuring that your family can swim safely.

Covering your pool overnight is essential for these reasons, so make sure you do so whenever possible.