Do Pool Covers Need to Touch the Water?

Pool covers are designed to touch the surface of the pool water. The water level in your pool should never fall below 18 inches from the top and should always be full when covered. Allowing water to collect on the top of the deck can cause damage to both the deck and the pool, depending on the type of each. Standard winter covers are also known as canvas covers because they are made of polyethylene material.

A leaf blower is my choice, and if it's big enough, you can blow any leaf or twig off the pool cover. If you have a mesh safety cover, you may want to lower the pool water at this time, so that the water does not freeze on the tile line, which puts pressure on the tiles and causes the cover to get stuck in the ice. The pool cover should touch the water to maintain a slightly loose strap, loose enough to hold debris and excess water without the excess weight causing too much tension. Placing the pump cover on a flipped disc or other plastic base with soft rounded edges helps prevent damage to the cover when attaching or moving the pump. And, I don't know about you, but dealing with a broken pool cover in the middle of winter doesn't sound like my cup of tea.

If your pool cover is sunk, there are a number of quick fixes you can try that are sure to work. Your pool cover should take a similar shape or else you will develop a heavy drop in the middle. As you prepare to close your pool for the winter, be sure to follow the advice of a pool professional. If you're covering your pool for an extended period of time (such as during the fall, winter, and spring months), you're likely to experience some — if not a lot — of snow and rain storms. I like to clean the deck around the pool right now and clean any leaves trapped near the pool.

You can use a subversive pump to remove excess water from the top of the pool cover as long as the water is completely liquefied. This means that for optimal performance, your pool cover must be touching the water fairly evenly throughout your pool (although it is not completely submerged). Check your water level regularly and fill it if it drops below 18 inches. Refer to your owner's manual for information on how far away from the water your cover should be.3M protection patches are easy to use and produce a permanent patch for small holes and tears in solid or mesh safety covers. For solid roofs, make sure there is no water underneath so that rainwater does not drag your entire deck into your pool.

Lastly, if you touch the bottom of your cover, it creates a damp stain that prevents leaves from shedding and also allows their tannins to seep into your pool water.